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Charting FinTech Success: FIntegrate's Exceptional 2023 of Growth, Innovation, and Industry Impact


Birmingham, AL – January 30, 2024 – FIntegrate Technology, a leading force in FinTech, takes stock of a transformative year in 2023, marked by substantial accomplishments, robust growth, and innovative breakthroughs. Navigating the dynamic business landscape, FIntegrate steadfastly upholds its commitment to excellence, customer satisfaction, and positive impact.

Key Achievements in 2023

Revenue Growth:

FIntegrate achieved remarkable financial growth, with a 78% increase in 2023 compared to previous years. This underscores the company’s unwavering dedication to delivering cutting-edge solutions in Dispute Management, Collections, and Recovery systems, providing exceptional value to clients.

Client Expansion:

FIntegrate significantly expanded its client base in 2023, welcoming 13 new clients with assets ranging from $200 million credit union to $180 billion regional bank. This growth reinforces the company’s commitment to serving the needs of a diverse range of financial institutions across the country.

Product Innovation:

FIntegrate advanced key products, including FusionDMS, FusionCRS, Data Conversions, and additional modules. These updates include automation and integration technology, with core integration, machine learning for delinquency risk scoring, and predictive analytics. These innovations address the evolving needs of the financial industry, equipping clients with tools to navigate fraud and dispute management cases, along with collections and recovery revenue improvement. Our focus is on reducing chargebacks and delinquencies through our automation and integration workflow engines.

Strategic Partnerships:

In 2023, FIntegrate formed partnerships with Fintech companies, notably collaborating with industry leader Computer Services Inc (CSI). This collaboration extends to revolutionizing fraud prevention and data integration within the financial sector through CSI’s WatchDOG® Fraud and WatchDOG® AML solutions. These partnerships enhance FIntegrate’s capabilities and position the company as a contributor to the fintech industry in areas like Fraud disputes, data ETL \ API, and Collections and recovery solutions.

User Engagement and Satisfaction:

FIntegrate’s customer-focused approach resulted in heightened levels of user engagement and satisfaction, with a remarkable 30% increase compared to previous years. Customer feedback echoes the sentiments of our commitment to excellence, with one client expressing, “I’ve been in collections for 40 years, and this is the best system on the market.” Another testimonial highlights our exceptional service, stating, “The way you service our bank is the gold standard we hold all other vendors up to, most of which can’t even come close.” These testimonials highlight a positive shift, establishing an elevated standard of excellence for FIntegrate.

Workplace Excellence Recognition:

FIntegrate received the prestigious “Best Places to Work in Fintech” award by American Banker, showcasing its commitment to cultivating a nurturing work atmosphere Best Companies to Work for in Alabama By Business Alabama also recognized FIntegrate Technology as one of the, acknowledging the company’s positive and collaborative work environment.

Acknowledging workplace excellence recognition from American Banker, Best Places to Work in Alabama & Birmingham Business Journal Bishop emphasized, “Being recognized as one of the Best Companies to Work for in Alabama is a testament to the incredible efforts of our talented team. This acknowledgment strengthens our resolve to continue investing in our people and maintaining FIntegrate as an employer of choice within the financial technology industry.” Kris Bishop, CEO of FIntegrate Technology, also had the opportunity to sit down with the Banking & Legal reporter from Birmingham Business Journal in December of 2023. “FIntegrate has grown from just a handful of employees in 2021 to roughly 20 heading into the new year. Now, on the heels of a major partnerships, with hopes the firm will grow to roughly 40 employees next year.”

Team Growth and Employee Additions:

FIntegrate’s success in 2023 can be attributed to all of FIntegrate’s current employees and the individuals who joined FIntegrate this year, contributing their skills and expertise to the company’s collective achievements. This accomplishment is further amplified by the dedication of the entire staff to treat each client quickly and efficiently solve their requests, exemplifying a commitment to exceptional service.

Kris Bishop, CEO of FIntegrate Technology, expressed optimism about the company’s progress, stating, “We are thrilled to make the substantial growth and achievements we’ve experienced in 2023 happen, within the FinTech community. Our commitment to innovation, client satisfaction, and strategic partnerships has truly paid off.”

Future Outlook:

Looking ahead, FIntegrate Technology is poised for sustained growth in 2024 and beyond, continued innovation, and meaningful collaborations, solidifying its position as a leader in the fintech industry. The company remains dedicated to driving positive change in financial services while providing an enriching and fulfilling work environment for its current and future employees.

About FIntegrate Technology:

FIntegrate Technology is a leading provider of data access and automation solutions for dispute management, collections and recovery, and data integration (ETL Solutions). Focusing on analytics and automation, FIntegrate empowers financial institutions with efficient and accurate dispute management, data management processes, streamlining operations, and improving customer service.

About FIntegrate’s CEO, Kris Bishop:

Kris Bishop is the CEO of FIntegrate Technology. He is a 20+ year veteran of the FinTech industry having worked with more than 4,000 banks & credit unions in data access and integration. He is passionate about providing financial institutions with a better solution for their dispute management collections and recovery needs. He and his wife, Jennifer, have been married since 1997 and have one daughter.

To read the original press release, check it out on the FedFis site.

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our software does more

Fintegrate technology offers efficient
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