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Fusion CRS Partners with BillingTree to Offer Their Clients a Contactless Payment Solution

Birmingham, AL, July 28, 2021 – Fusion CRS, a FIntegrate Technology product, has partnered with BillingTree, a RePay Company, to offer its clients a new suite of payment software. This will allow Fusion CRS users a fully contactless payment solution.

Fusion CRS, recently acquired by FIntegrate Technology, is a cost-effective, Windows®, Microsoft SQL Server-based collection and recovery software solution designed and developed exclusively for credit unions and banks. Fusion CRS helps customers streamline collection and recovery operations, improve reporting, maximize resource productivity, and enhance results.

Fusion CRS may be implemented as a complete consolidated solution for delinquency collections through charge-off recoveries or configured for delinquency collections or charge-off recovery management only.

BillingTree has partnered with other FinTech companies and offered their clients more robust solutions while integrating with dozens of service providers to provide financial institutions the tools needed to give their customers an exceptional experience. This history is one of the reasons that Fusion CRS has decided to partner with BillingTree and offer its consumers a solid, proven suite of payment software.

BillingTree currently has relationships with more than 135 financial institutions that recommend them as their preferred payment provider. With this partnership, BillingTree can refer those institutions to a consolidated collections & recovery solution that is offering a contactless payment solution and Fusion CRS will continue to provide an even more outstanding customer experience.

About FIntegrate Technology

FIntegrate Technology is headquartered in Birmingham, Alabama. FIntegrate Technology acquired Fusion CRS in May 2021.

Fusion CRS brings decades of proven success and experience in the development and support of collections and recovery software solutions for the financial services industry.

About BillingTree

BillingTree, a REPAY comapny, headquartered in Scottsdale, AZ, is a leading provider of omni-channel, integrated payments solutions to the Healthcare, Financial Services, Accounts Receivable Management (ARM), and Energy industries. Through its technology-enabled suite of products and services, including a variety of payment channels and reporting capabilities, BillingTree helps organizations get paid faster and more efficiently.

our software does more

Fintegrate technology offers efficient
solutions for your financial institution.

our software does more

Fintegrate technology offers efficient
solutions for your financial institution.