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Two Bankers Shaking Hands - Promoting A Press Release for Significant Enhancements to FIntegrate's dispute management product

FIntegrate Announces Major Enhancements to its Dispute Management System, FusionDMS


Birmingham, AL, February 13, 2024 — FIntegrate, a fintech industry leader in Dispute Management, Collections and Recovery and Data Conversion Solutions announced significant enhancements to their FusionDMS product suite. These updates build upon their deep integration to all major banking and Credit Union CORE systems, which were completed in 2023, and expand their abilities to provide even more automated data, analytics, workflows and reduced cost to all sized financial institutions. 

e-OSCAR Integration is rolling out in this quarter for all FIs dealing with credit bureau disputes. FusionDMS’s automated e-OSCAR integration eliminates the need to review and update data into different systems manually. e-OSCAR, a product used by all financial institutions to handle credit bureau disputes, can now be managed directly in FusionDMS, eliminating the need for manual entry and errors. This integration provides a precise comparison to the system or record and updates all other locations with the correct/updated account or transaction information to ensure accuracy.

In addition to the e-OSCAR integration, FIntegrate is also releasing their new redesigned dashboards, updated analytics and reporting automation specifically tailored for C-Suite  executives, department managers, and individual operators. These new features will provide deeper insights and allow for more efficient management of financials, collections revenue and disputed transactions. 

With a growing need for automation in the banking industry, FusionDMS is at the forefront of this evolution. Their successful solutions have provided solutions that reduce chargebacks by up to 30% and streamline operations, helping financial institutions transition from manual processes, such as managing collections in Excel spreadsheets, to a more automated, efficient system.

These updates solidify FIntegrate’s position as a leader in the market, servicing banks and credit unions with assets ranging from $150 million to $200 billion. They look forward to continuing to provide innovative solutions that meet the evolving needs of customers.

Stay tuned for more exciting updates as FIntegrate continues to build out integration, automation and analytics capabilities into FusionCRS for collections and Recovery and FusionDMS for Dispute Management. 

About FIntegrate

FIntegrate is a recognized pioneer in financial technology solutions. Through one of our flagship products, FusionDMS, we remain committed to continually developing innovative solutions that meet the evolving needs of our customers. We pride ourselves on servicing banks and credit unions, providing them with the tools they need to streamline operations and minimize chargebacks.

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our software does more

Fintegrate technology offers efficient
solutions for your financial institution.

our software does more

Fintegrate technology offers efficient
solutions for your financial institution.